Infrarent: full rental of
machinery and equipment

for the underground infrastructure

"He who seeks, doesn't know us and
he that knows us, isn't searching further"

- Rick van der Sluis

At Infrarent we want to provide you with the right machinery and equipment for your project. Infrarent is the only one that rents a total solution in the Netherlands. Our rental fleet is complementary composed. This means that our machines and equipment support each other in various aspects within the cable infrastructure. In other words, within your project.

For example: You can rent a drum trailer for the transport and handling of cable drums, a underground piercing/hammer mole for making trenchless bores, a compact excavator for digging trenches, a cable pulling winch for pulling energy or power cables, a fibre blowing machine for the installation of fibre optic cables and a compressor for the air supply during this process.

Service, product quality and product knowledge are other key values where Infrarent distinguishes itself in. We have high quality standards when it comes to selecting machines and equipment for our rental fleet. They are solid and professional. Additionally, we have the knowledge to help, advise and even assist you with and during your project. You’ll get right equipment for your project.

Our specialists are happy to help, advise and assist you. You can reach us by phone ( 0031 182 69 69 35 ) or by mail ( ).

Focus on experience and development

40 years experience

Perhaps Infrarent has more experience than you know. Infrarent arose from a separation between sales and rentals. HMS Machines B.V., founded in 1977, specialized itself quickly in providing machines and equipment for the cable infrastructure. In the year 2000, the rental division became Infrarent B.V.. You can read here more about our history.


Over the years we have experienced many techniques and developments. We continuously improve and develop ourselves, so that we can be the specialist with the sole purpose of providing you with the right machines, equipment and knowledge. If necessary , we even build our machines and equipment slightly different, when we think they could be improved.

ISO 9001:2008

Our methods and processes are developing every day. We are ISO-certified (9001:2008), the international standard for quality management systems. This standard is based on a number of management principles with a strong focus on our customers, motivation, implementation of management goals and the continuous improvement of these processes.


For you, this will results in consistant, high quality products accompanied by good service. Every year we are being verified for this by “Bureau Veritas”.

Bureau Veritas - ISO 9001

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