Corner Rollers

Sometimes a cable must overcome various obstacles. Besides height differences, directional drillings and pressings, we also have to deal with corners which increase traction forces. Large radial forces can occur on the cable during cable pulling which are known to result in damage to the cable and / or the cable sheath. To prevent or keep these damages as low as possible, the radial forces must be decreased with the help of vertical rollers, like our HAVHRS4D300x250 corner roller segments. It is important to provide the entire bend with corner rollers, so that the radial force is distributed over all the vertical rollers.

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Specifications *

Maximum Cable Diameter : 140 mm Lenght Base Plate : 300 mm
Width Base Plate : 230 mm Height : 250 mm
Height to top of role : 80 mm Weight : 23 kg (per segment)

Article Number : HAVHRS4D300x250
Minimal number of segments for 1 corner roller : 1
Quantity in one gitterbox : -

* The specifications may change without prior notice.

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