Customized services

Thinking along

We find it extremely important to make a difference. In our opinion we accomplish this by thinking along with you on your project(s), so we can recommend the right machines or even put machines available which are not already included in our rental fleet. We’ll work together to find the perfect solution.


Did a problem occur while operating our machines or equipment? Please contact us at the number below. Sometimes a required action is not performed properly, so let us help you step by step, so that we can get you up to speed. If necessary, we will provide a replacement as soon as possible when a defect occurred.


0031 - 182 696 935


Additional services



Infarent has nearly 40 years experience. If you have questions or when you need a different approach on your project, let Infrarent help you out!



It is possible to deliver our machines and equipment to your location. We collaborate with specialized transport companies.

Internationaal huren

International rental

Our machines and equipment are worldwide available. Dp you want to rent outside the Netherlands? Check out this page first or contact us for more information.




Soon you can download various manuals and documents here.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have questions? Check out our FAQ page; we already have answered the most frequently asked questions.

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