Renting, how it works

New at Infrarent?

In order to rent our products, you must be registered. For registration we need the following:


  • Extract Chamber of Commerce (not older than 1 year)
  • Copy identification from the competent person as stated on the Commercial Register extract
  • Letter paper of the company




Our machines and equipment are of the best quality and brands. This also means they represent a large value. Unfortunately, our products are not always returned in the same condition as when the product was issued. You can understand that we are forced to ask deposit. The amount depends on the machines and equipment itself.


Our deposit terms: The deposit must be on our account before our products are released. You may withdraw money at Infrarent. Refund of the deposit will be made by bank transfer within 10 working days after the final invoice date, provided that the goods are returned in good condition (no damage, defects and clean) and minus any outstanding invoices. Any damage and/or missing items will be charged afterwards by H.M.S. Machines B.V. and will be settled with the deposit. The payment of deposit does'nt release you from the obligation to pay the invoice concerning the rental within the payment period.


Exception: if the deposit has been made by another company or private person, refunds will only take place when all outstanding invoices have been paid.

Rental period

Once you are registered at Infrarent we need a rental order (in accordance with the requirements of your own administration) so that we can create proper invoices. In this rental order you need to mention which products you would like to rent, and if it's possible, for how long. The rental period starts from the moment the machine(s) and / or equipment are picked up. The day our products are picked up after 15:00 pm will not be invoiced. This also applies to the day when our products are returned before 09:00 am.




Infrarent operates with day and calendar week rates. Depending on the type of machines / equipment the calendar week rate is 3 or 4 times the daily rate. After each calendar week (Monday to Friday) you will receive an invoice. This means that you will get the invoice in the week after the previous calendar (rental) week. This will affect your planning. In the following examples we will illustrate how this works:


Invoicing examples

1 day rental You will pay 1 time the daily rate.
2 days rental You will pay 2 times the daily rate.
3 days rental You will pay 1 time the weekly rate
4 to 5 days rental in 1 calendar week
You will pay 1 time the weekly rate
4 days rental devided over 2 calendar weeks
The rental period starts on friday 10:00 until Wednesday 14:00 pm in the next calandar week. This means you will receive 2 invoices. One invoice from Friday (is the daily rate) and one invoice from Monday to Wednesday (is the calendar week rate). The total price of the whole rental period is 1 time the daily rate and 1 time the weekly rate.


Infrarent does'nt operate with monthly rates. You are obliged to pay insurance premium, which dont hold any exceptions. To avoid cleaning fees, the machines / equipment must be returned clean (you will always get them clean too).

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